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“An epic song? With heroes and villains and dragons and monsters and a great evil that must be defeated? Of course! There are many such tales.

“Many such tales… but few that include evil cults, mysterious artifacts, unknown sigils, tombs long forgotten, and a new mystery around every corner.

“There are fewer still that involve political intrigue, religious zealotry, ancient souls searching for a new body, and even a little romance!

“Add to all that a place where orcs and dwarves work together, where goblins conspire with humans to protect their lands from vile creatures of the deep, where mischievous fairies steal away anything (and anyone!) they can to the Feywild, where living shadows and shades invade every corner and crevice of the earth searching for something at the behest of mortal masters.

“Zombie Ninjas too! (I know that part seems a little far-fetched, but it’s true.)

“I’ll sing you an epic song that includes all that, as told to me personally by one of the people in this very story. It begins in what is now known as Nentir Vale, thousands of years ago…”

- Bard Aloysius Silversong, as overheard in a tavern somewhere in the Realms

This campaign is set in the Nentir Vale setting published by Wizards of the Coast. We are currently using D&D NEXT rules (last version of the playtest).

The group is made of the following PCs:

Grimm, Male Dwarf Paladin of Morradin
Rurik of Clan Unghardt, Male Dwarf “Archaeologist” (Rogue)
Demnavani, Male Drow Wizard
Amberly, Female Human Monk
Tinuviel, Female Elf Wizard

Former PC Members:
Echo, DECEASED (Male Human Ranger)
Thorbin, Male Dwarf Fighter (left group to serve his clan)
Dain, Male Dwarf Cleric of Morradin (left group to serve his clan)
Cicero, Male Halfling Ranger (whereabouts unknown, he disappeared one night and has not been seen or heard from since)
Artzin, Female Elf Cleric of Corellon (left group to serve her people)

Thorbin, Dain and Grimm are brothers.

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